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The Royal Credit Union has much to offer as a community institution and employer: a growing service area in western Wisconsin and Minnesota, new branches springing up in its territory in the Chippewa Valley, and a magnificent headquarters social overlooking downtown Phoenix Park. Clear water.

But what really makes Royal attractive as an employer is its culture, says Joe Underwood, organizational talent adviser for the Eau Claire-based credit union. In this role, he recruits new employees and works with existing team members in Royal’s service area in the Chippewa Valley, St. Croix Valley, Twin Cities and beyond.

Joe Underwood Royal Credit Union

Joe Underwood

Organizational Talent Advisor at Royal Credit Union

“The culture makes it very easy for me to get excited about Royal and careers at Royal,” Underwood explained.

“If you break down the fundamentals of business operation, or the model of being a co-op, (Royal) is really about our core values ​​and our primary purpose,” he said. “It aligns very well with our day-to-day decisions that are made within the organization as well as the actions we take as team members and the impact we can have on the communities in which we serve. .”

Royal’s core values ​​are as simple as they are fundamental: making a difference. To make easy. Do the right thing. Be considerate. Take possession. Be friendly, kind and respectful.

When Underwood himself joined the organization around eight years ago, he was initially surprised by the centrality of these core values ​​to the operation and the type of people Royal was looking to hire. While candidates’ experience, knowledge and education are valuable, “the most important thing we look for in team members at Royal is their alignment with our core values. Underwood said. “Throughout the recruitment process, there are questions that directly highlight whether there is alignment with this person and our core values ​​or not.”

And there has been a continued need to find new team members with these values, as Royal has grown steadily over the past few years. It now serves a quarter of a million members in 26 counties in western Wisconsin and 16 counties in Minnesota. Here in the Chippewa Valley, a new branch opened in June at 455 E. Madison St., Eau Claire, and a grand opening will take place July 19 at another new office at 1159 Blazing Star Blvd., Altoona. And last year, Royal merged or acquired two other financial institutions and bought a branch of another bank in the suburban Twin Cities.

At any given time, there are 40 to 50 vacancies in the organization at all levels, Underwood said, ranging from member account representatives to senior commercial loan officers.

At any given time, there are 40 to 50 vacancies in the organization at all levels, Underwood said, ranging from member account representatives to senior commercial loan officers. In addition to competitive salaries, Royal offers a full range of benefits, from health, dental and vision insurance and retirement benefits to child care expense reimbursement and student loan repayment assistance.

Additionally, Underwood said, Royal invests “tremendously” in developing employees, particularly as leaders within the organization. There are always opportunities for advancement and improvement, he said: Last year alone, approximately 140 employees were promoted within the organization or transferred internally.

“Really, the sky’s the limit as far as where you want to take your career,” Underwood said.

“This is an organization that does amazing things, not just for our team members, but especially for our members and the communities in which we serve.”

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