Springfield’s financial adviser explains how the worst bond market since 1842 will rebound


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) — The start of 2022 has been a volatile one for investors, and a sure bet doesn’t hit as hard.

Stephen Evans, certified financial planner and owner of Evans Wealth Planning in Springfield, said the bond market was crazy.

“It’s pretty, pretty crazy to think that you wouldn’t expect this asset class to act like this,” Evans said.

Evans said this market was nothing he had seen before.

“You keep thinking we’re going to hit rock bottom, and it’s only getting worse. Getting worse and worse,” Evans said.

Evans said the lowest point was in 1842 because it’s been the worst bond market since then. He said they are generally a safe option.

“It scares people, and like, it’s their safe bet,” Evans said. “They’re like, what am I doing, and nothing’s going right.”

Evans said there are different types of bonds, but most of the time it’s a secured asset, usually a big company or government wanting to borrow money, they pay you back your money and more Again. He said inflation and the pandemic caused bonds to bottom. Evans said now was not the time to panic.

“How do I act in this?” Am I panicking? You don’t want to think irrationally. You don’t want to let emotion get to you,” Evans said. “Because things are picking up. when things happen that fast, things recover.

Evans said the bond market has rallied every time since 1842, which is soothing news for nervous investors, but making smart financial decisions is key.

“It’s going to be a bad time,” Evans said. “Then those bad times are when you’re not going out, and you’re not buying your new car, you’re not going on a great vacation, you’re just hunkering down and living your life.”

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