PRESS RELEASE – Fortune 500 Financial Institution Selects Universal SSH Key Manager®


PRESS RELEASE – A fortune 500 Ffinancial instituteion Choose Universal SSH Key Manager®

Helsinki, Finland

A large US-based financial institution is working with Universal SSH Key Manager® (UKM) as their SSH key management solution. The initial order includes an annual subscription and professional services for deployment assistance and knowledge transfer.

The agreement follows SSH’s “land and expand” subscription model. This is a major new UKM client for SSH.

UKM was chosen by the customer because of its unique approach to SSH key management, providing the customer with the following features and capabilities to centrally manage and control SSH keys on their network and secure their most sensitive assets.

  • Ddiscoverthere and monitoring inventory of SSH keys in a complex and heterogeneous Linux and Unix environment

  • Zero Trust option for customer to later upgrade UKM to Zero Trust edition to future proof their SSH key environment via patented ephemeral certificate technology

  • VScontrol SSH keys and execution security policies for interactive, machine-to-machine access as part of overall access lifecycle management

  • Automated access management eliminating the manual work of granting, removing, and certifying SSH key-based access, providing excellent return on investment

  • VSfull and centralized visibility and control in all SSH keys, and the access they provide to the network allowing, for example, accurate reporting and a centralized way to lock down connections

For more information on Universal SSH Key Manager, please visit:
Universal SSH Key Manager

For more information on SSH Zero Trust solutions, please visit:
Zero Trust SSH Solutions

For more information:
Christian Nieminen
SSH Communications Security Corp.
+358 50 3777970
[email protected]

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