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BOSTON, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Patrick McNamaraCertified Financial Planner™ and Senior Vice President of from boston Claro Advisors has launched a new website,, to help investors protect and enhance the returns of their investment portfolio, especially during market downturns.

According to McNamara, “With near-zero cash returns, dismal bond yields, and heightened downside risk in equity markets, I needed to find alternatives that could help my clients achieve their goals.” are an option that can both protect and enhance portfolio growth, and I wanted to be able to direct investors to a resource that could help them understand these products. So I created to do just that. .

Structured notes combine bonds with other investments. For example, a financial institution may offer a bond that protects an investor’s initial capital and pays interest or increased growth assuming certain market index returns are achieved. This means that structured notes can offer both security and growth potential.

Patrick McNamara has a long history as a trusted advisor and planner to business owners, affluent families and retirees at Morgan Stanley, the private management group at Goldman Sachs and Fidelity Investments. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the SUNY College in Oswego and his MBA from Boston College Carroll School of Management.

“All investors want to make money, and they don’t want to lose money,” McNamara said. “The question is how to manage the inherent risk and reward. Investing in the right structured notes can reduce risk and increase reward, but too few advisors know about them and even fewer know how to wisely advise clients on their power in as an investment vehicle. is a resource for investors seeking information on these increasingly popular investment vehicles.”

McNamara wants investors to know that changing economic conditions are not a time to panic, but rather to plan and deploy investment capital effectively and strategically. “Times of inflation and even recession are when the really talented investment professionals step in,” McNamara said. “Almost anyone can ride a wave of economic expansion. When there’s a downturn, that’s when resourceful financial planners and wealth managers have a chance to shine.”

by Patrick McNamara site,, was founded last month and is already gaining traction with investors. “It’s not uncommon for a client to say to me, ‘I like being able to receive an attractive return even in a steep market decline. I wish someone would talk to me about these options sooner,'” McNamara said. “Well, the word is out now, via, and I hope to help as many people as possible learn more about these investments.”

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