Mississippi financial planner lured women into his apartment to rape them, prosecutors say as trial begins – Reuters


The rape trial of a Mississippi financial planner who has been jailed for nearly three years due to delays in COVID-19 jury trials began Tuesday in New Orleans.

William McDonough, 49, of Natchez, Mississippi, faces three rape charges after three women told police he lured them to a New Orleans apartment and then imposed himself sexually to them.

The first trial involving one of these alleged rapes, which occurred in 2016, began Tuesday with opening statements.

Prosecutors allege McDonough overpowered the women after leading them back to his apartment.

At trial, the prosecution said the woman went to the hospital for treatment and the DNA found on her matched McDonough’s.

NOLA.com reported that prosecutors said they expected to call the other two women who allege McDonough raped them as witnesses, though their trials are expected to take place at a later date. In those cases, according to the website, one woman received a black eye and the other woman suffered fractured ribs and a concussion.

McDonough pleaded not guilty, and his defense attorneys told jurors the facts would provide all the charges stemming from the victim being upset over a breakup with McDonough.


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