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Melbourne, Australia, January 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Muslim Australians have had limited access to Shariah-compliant financial services in the past. Hejaz Financial Services, a leading provider of financial services ranging from halal loans to pensions, is on a mission to give Australians access to a suite of Islamic financial services. But first, it is crucial to educate the public and raise awareness about what Islamic finance means and how it could be the ethical alternative to the financial services offered by traditional banks.

Hejaz Financial Services was founded in melbourne more than ten years ago and since then has been working to spread knowledge about Islamic financial services. According to the halal home loan provider, Muslim Australians – and non-Muslim Australians – have been reluctant or unable to access halal financial services in the past. Recent research by Hejaz Financial Services revealed that almost 50% of Muslim Australians have reluctantly accessed non-Islamic financial services in the past because they were simply unaware of the existence of ethical Shariah-compliant options.

This is largely due to a clear lack of educational resources available on what Islamic finance is, how it differs from traditional banking, and what makes it Shariah-compliant. With the aim of revolutionizing the Islamic financial industry, Hejaz Financial Services is committed to providing these resources. The financial provider’s website houses a learning center, which is kept up to date with informative and easy-to-understand articles on the Islamic finance industry, various halal financial services, and even financial tips and advice.

Hejaz Financial Services is applying to become Australia’s first-ever 100% digital Islamic bank, which will allow them to offer a full range of financial services. Currently, the financial institution offers Halal home loans, retirementinvestment options, retirement, financial advice and more.

To learn more about Hejaz Financial Services’ mission or range of services, visit their website or contact them today.

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