Marvin Mitchell, a top financial advisor and business owner, takes control of the financial industry with his personalized financial plans and strategies


He wants more and more young people to be part of this game and flourish as one of the most sought-after financial advisors in the United States.

Today, getting into any industry can be a daunting task, let alone make it big. However, a few professionals have not only entered their industry of choice, but also taken over their sectors in more ways than one, proving their mettle to the world. In today’s financial arena in the United States, particularly in the retirement planning niche, Marvin Mitchell has been seen disrupting the industry for the better with his personalized financial plans and implementation of retirement income strategies. and wealth management to meet the needs of the people under his business. Compass Retirement Solutions LLC.

The financial adviser and Hall of Fame executive of 15 years first worked for huge consulting firms and felt the need to improve existing retirement planning models when he opened his own business. Today, the opulent lifestyle he has created for himself and the continued financial success of his students prove how far he has come in his journey. His company Compass Retirement Solutions LLC has become one of the fastest growing financial companies and one of the only minority-owned companies of this size. Their services help people minimize their risk by managing their retirement assets, focusing most on security without sacrificing growth. Through his mentorship, Marvin Mitchell helps executives and budding entrepreneurs become the bank by helping them leverage life insurance and grow their passive investments, turning them into millionaires.

Marvin Mitchell advises other budding talents to never give up and commit to their goals. He wants them to focus on a specific niche and learn to delegate. He says they need to learn how to be great leaders, master their craft and keep investing in their skills.

In the near future, Marvin Mitchell (@marvinmitchellofficial) sees his business in several different states grossing at least $125 million a year. He hopes his mentorship will produce at least 20 more millionaires and plans to expand their financial advisors to at least 15 as they continue to scale. He wants to double the size of his team to help thousands more families, becoming industry leaders in the financial field.


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