LA’s top financial advisor, Nick Yekani, presents a new way to manage money without ever losing a dime.


Financial advisor and radio host Nick Yekani, who has made a name for himself in the industry with his revolutionary one-stop-shop that meets financial needs in one place, shares the secret to successful financial advice over the past 37 years.

Nick Yekania leader Financial Advisor in Los Angeles, California continues to make waves around the world with Economics and Family Inc., a revolutionary one-stop shop that solves all financial needs under one roof.

“For many years I watched people lose money in the stock market in the 2000s. I watched a lot of families lose their retirement money – their portfolio in the stock market pretty much wiped out every assets they owned. That’s where Economics and Family Inc. comes in,” Nic said.

The leading Los Angeles-based financial adviser, who has devoted 37 years of his life to financial advice, shared that the secret to successful financial management is looking at finances from a holistic perspective that merges spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and Financial assets.

“By focusing on overall financial health, individuals learn a good economic education, how to protect their assets, and how to nurture their minds,” adds Nick.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Los Angeles-based company led the way by handling all finances in one place, which includes wealth management, insurance, retirement, estate planning, leading fund managers, banking, tax and real estate planning.

“Imagine having the best fund managers, the best portfolio managers around the world managing your money day and night, and you only share in the growth. Imagine a retirement without losses. Imagine a portfolio without losses. The stock market can be an incredible investment,” Nick said.

Nick struggled as a child following the death of his father, subsequently fueling various financial challenges for his family. This prompted him to move to the United States in hopes of having a better life. Four decades later, Nick Yekani has become one of the best financial advisors in los angeles.

Nick says the one-stop platform was built on a foundation of hard work, integrity, and curiosity. Eighty percent of financial success is psychology, while 20% is actual technique.

As a full-service financial advisory firm, Economics and Family Inc. is focused on building vital stakeholder relationships and making clients feel like family. He and his team provide expert financial advice and also refer clients to the best CPAs and attorneys in the industry. They have built a collaborative network and a mindset to better serve their customers. Nick Yekani believed that one of the industry’s biggest shortcomings was the lack of common investor protection when it came to protecting its principle.

For centuries, investing has been a game of wins and losses. Those days are over for Nick Yekani’s clients, the future of investing offers nothing but protection and growth.

Those who want to be part of this exclusive investment or learn how to transform their mindset to transform their finances can visit to secure their seats.

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