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FA-IQ contacted the advisors to ask them: What advice would you give to young women who are considering becoming a counselor?

Caroline Wetzel, vice-president and private wealth advisor at Procyon Private Wealth Partners. Wetzel, based in Shelton, Connecticut, has been in the industry for six years and has $ 40 million in customer assets.

“It is a dynamic profession which demands competence, compassion and tenacity. In my opinion, there is not just one right way to become a consultant – there is just the right way for you.

Here are some activities that I did over the years leading up to becoming a counselor, in case they would help:

  • Talk to all possible advisers: the good and the bad. Ask them why they chose to become a counselor. Discuss how they build and maintain relationships with customers. Find out about the business structure they are affiliated with. Every advisor has a story that you can learn from when considering the advisor you aspire to be.
  • Become a trustee. Fiduciary advisors always act in the best interests of clients; not all advisers are trustees. Distinguish your practice and show your future clients how much you care about them by joining a trust company and, if possible, also becoming a Chartered Financial Planner.
  • Understand your customers’ weak spots and how you can uniquely address them. Say differently, ‘Know your why.’ With an abundance of advisors available for clients, be prepared to answer the question “Why should I choose you?” “”

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