Gen Z-targeted app Zogo reaches milestone by signing up 200 partner financial institutions


By gamifying financial literacy, Zogo attracts more than 200 financial institutions and nearly 700,000 users in less than three years

AUSTIN, TX, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zogo, a Gen Z-powered financial education company, has reached the 200 partner milestone with its award-winning suite of products designed to make financial education accessible and engaging for people of all ages, especially next-generation audiences who rarely have the opportunity to learn about personal finance. A major aspect of Zogo’s efforts to reinvent financial education is facilitating partnerships with trusted credit unions, community banks, and traditional banks to empower consumers to make informed financial decisions.

Founder and CEO of Zogo, Bolun Lisaid: “We have learned time and time again, 200 times now in fact, that the connection between financial institutions and the people they serve is more than a customer-business relationship. When we embed education into the mix, we build trust, we build trust, we build community. This community is both a stepping stone and a safety net to a healthy and happy financial life. He added that “Over the past three years , we have been constantly inspired by the journeys of our users and partners. It has been a true honor to support the building of local communities founded on the foundation of education. Every new user we educate and every new partnership we let’s build brings us one step closer to a better world.”

These partnerships have proven instrumental in executing Zogo’s mission to make education fun, simple and rewarding for everyone. Not only do these partnerships benefit the financial literacy of end users by providing them with Zogo’s unique educational platform, but they also strengthen the business of financial institutions. By using small educational modules and facilitating a rewards program to incentivize users to take courses, Zogo has found a way to make financial literacy truly engaging and accessible to learners of all ages, especially Gen Z and new generation audiences who are usually bored. by the minimal financial education they are taught in school. By digitizing and gamifying financial education, Zogo has attracted nearly 700,000 users, the majority of whom are under the age of 24. Through the power of Zogo’s first education platform, financial institutions across the country are reaping the rewards of Zogo’s hard work as younger and increasingly financially powerful customers are attracted to their services. .

“Our partners are essential to our mission to make financial education easy, accessible and fun for our 700,000 Gen Z users,” said long chuck, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Zogo. “We look forward to working together to attract the next generation of customers and provide their community with an engaging mobile app that empowers today’s younger generation.”

“Credit Union of Texas is proud to partner with Zogo to help us deliver engaging financial literacy content in a new and exciting way. Since CUTX was founded by teachers over 90 years ago, education has been at the heart of everything we do,” said Eric PointerPresident and Chief Executive Officer of Caisse Populaire de Texas, one of the UCs that brought Zogo to 200 partners. “Zogo’s platform will help us empower people of all ages to build a foundation for financial wellness.”

KEMBA Credit Union is another Zogo partner that closely aligns with their values. “KEMBA Financial Credit Union is committed to providing tools and resources to help individuals achieve financial success,” said Marco Capalino, Marketing Director of KEMBA. “We are excited to partner with Zogo to enhance our financial literacy offerings with an interactive tool that offers rewards and incentives.” As an integral part of their local community, KEMBA is an exemplary example of the type of partnerships Zogo seeks.

Credit unions Zogo partnered with in May:

  • City County Credit Union Fire Police
  • Police Credit Union
  • Alltru Credit Union
  • Raytown-Lee Summit Community Credit Union
  • Explorers Credit Union
  • KEMBA Financial Credit Union
  • credit union of Texas
  • Municipal credit union
  • CBC Bank
  • Financial Plus Credit Union
  • Clearview Federal Credit Union

About Zogo

Founded in 2018 in a dormitory in duke university by three students, Zogo has since become a leader in the financial education industry. Backed by behavioral science, its award-winning suite of products offers small modules and tangible incentives to make financial literacy education accessible, fun and rewarding. Zogo partners with more than 200 financial institutions in all 50 US states to help them educate, engage and empower the next generation of financial decision makers. To learn more, visit



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