François le Clus – Financial Advisor


As customers, your financial journey could be one of the hardest things you can do! At attooh!, we are committed to helping all of our clients learn and develop healthy financial habits that will ultimately lead them to financial independence. Each client is unique, as is their journey. We will create a personalized and tailor-made financial solution for you. Our advice is based on your needs and desires, and we are truly committed to your overall financial and holistic success. Financial freedom could be a reality.

We are a team of passionate financial advisors with a heart for people. Aiming to provide world-class advice, with innovative solutions (risk, health and wealth) to each client. We offer cradle-to-grave solutions, covering all aspects of a client’s financial wellness continuum. And we do this within the framework of a personal relational journey that recognizes the requirements of each client. Currently, we are one of the largest financial advisory firms in South Africa, serving over 100,000 individual clients and over 325 employer groups.

Our values-based approach means we are resolutely ethical. We recognize and accept our corporate social responsibility. We have developed the slogan of loving, serving and remembering, which underlines our passion to give back. attooh! believes in and supports innovation, optimism and entrepreneurship. Our motors are powered by our customers who are enthusiastic fans.

This label results from a set of attooh! employees and the quality of service we provide. Experts at heart! We treat our employees and customers fairly as they deserve! We believe in the pleasure of bringing finance back to life. Finance should be a series of goals set, achieved and celebrated.

The powerful concept behind our core purpose design revolves around converting from a “poverty mentality” to an “abundance mentality”. This change in mindset is the instigator of becoming a millionaire. Once millionaire status is achieved, we can help clients on their journey to financial independence.

We make ordinary people millionaires and make millionaires financially independent.


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