Founder of Aces Advisors, Andre Jean-Pierre is an Elite Black Financial Advisor to the biggest names in sports, business and entertainment



Published on October 18, 2022 |
by Charles Myambo

Today’s society is primarily delineated by an individual’s race, religion, and wealth status. Of the 3, a person’s race is perhaps the only constant that cannot be changed from the moment of conception until the day of death. On the other hand, a person’s religious beliefs and property status may change during their lifetime. That said, changing or improving one’s wealth status is still one of the hardest things to accomplish, especially among the African-American population. Unfortunately, due to centuries of racial prejudice and discrimination, blacks and other minority groups have found themselves catching up in terms of wealth status. This raises the most important question; how can people belonging to these minority groups change or improve their wealth situation? The answer is simple. “INVEST”!

Former vice-president of Morgan Stanley – “André Jean-Pierre”

Still on the subject of “INVESTING,” how does a person of color or a minority-owned business invest effectively these days? In most cases, the answer would be to secure the services of a competent “investment adviser”. To better understand the importance of an investment advisor, we will explore the life of one of the most prominent investment advisors, André Jean-Pierre. Aged 36, André has established himself as one of the best investment advisers in the world. Its impact is most widespread among African Americans who are the group of people most in need of investment opportunities in the United States. André has helped transform the wealth status of countless clients, primarily among minorities. He was recognized as the “Leading Black Wealth Advisor” with Morgan Stanley. Additionally, he is the founder of the highly esteemed Aces Advisors. Additionally, André excels in facilitating wealth management for minority business owners and professionals. To do this, he uses his financial expertise to offer profitable investment strategies and sustainable management programs to clients.

Former D1 Athlete – “André Jean-Pierre”

André Jean-Pierre is better equipped than most to understand the constraints linked to belonging to a minority. He was the product of Haitian immigrant parents. The majority of his life has been spent in New York, being born and raised in Brooklyn. As a result, Andre had the first-hand experience of being both an immigrant and a black person. As a black immigrant, André was predisposed to the full impact of racial prejudice and the constraints that come with it. The experiences he endured helped cultivate his empathy for other minorities who wanted to change or improve their wealth status. His background inspired him to pursue an education at Stony Brook University where he graduated with first class honors. During his tenure at Stony Brook University, Andre also excelled as a Division 1 athlete. As such, Andre was given the opportunity to pursue either an athletic career or a financial career. Despite his options, André was determined to become an investment advisor because of his penchant for helping transform the lives of minority business owners and minorities in general.

Morgan Stanley, New York, USA

As a graduate, Andre gradually established himself as a Wall Street business savant working for the coveted Morgan Stanley. He spent just over a decade at Morgan Stanley as vice president of strategic partnerships, sports and entertainment. This was between February 2010 and August 2020. Andre was responsible for managing the investment portfolio for a wide range of clients ranging from small businesses to sports and entertainment industry personalities/conglomerates. During the 10 years he worked for Morgan Stanley, André simultaneously ran his own empire, Aces Advisors. It was especially ideal because Andre had the opportunity to sharpen his skills at Morgan Stanley while creating more opportunities for himself and others through Aces Advisors. His very impressive repertoire includes three FINRA certifications, namely FINRA Series 7, FINRA Series 63 and FINRA Series 65. In addition to this, André is an expert in business relationship management, portfolio management, partner relationship management, business development, marketing, financial planning and strategic partnerships. As if that weren’t enough, he is also an expert in inventory, accounting, product management, financial analysis, social media marketing and social influence.

There aren’t many people alive who can match André Jean-Pierre’s credentials. He embodies what an investment advisor should embody and offer to his clients. His knowledge and experience are invaluable to any aspiring or established business owner, especially among minorities. The services offered by Aces Advisors are both high-end and sincere due to André’s passion for empowering people to transform their wealth situation. His life experiences culminated in him becoming the stellar investment advisor we all know today. He is deeply committed to improving the wealth status of other minorities through the power of investment and wealth management. The keyword for all readers is “INVEST”. Take charge of your destiny and do it with the right support structure such as that offered by the astute André Jean Pierre and Aces Advisors.

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