Financial Planner Stephany Murdock Announces Free Financial Workshop and ‘After Marriage’ Checklist for Brides-to-Be


Stephany is about to reveal to women the secret to a harmonious and inexpensive marriage

Expert financial planner, Stephany Dejesus Murdock, hosts a free financial workshop for brides-to-be who want to get their finances in order in preparation for their wedding or even renewing their vows. This workshop aims to help these women spend money efficiently and not lavishly. Using herself as an example, Stephany revealed that her wedding dress, as beautiful as it was, only cost $37, which allowed her to spend on more relevant things. This embodies precisely what the workshop will be.

During the workshop, Stephany will work closely with attendees to develop cost-effective wedding plans to get the most out of their wedding day while preparing for life afterward with a checklist for young people. married. Through this workshop, potential brides can make their wedding dreams come true, especially destination weddings. The financial workshop will cover topics on how to effectively save money for destination weddings, manage budgets, pay wedding bills, and more.

At a time of rapidly rising inflation, Stephany only managed to spend $10,000 on her wedding. The money covered travel expenses, accommodation, decoration, wedding dress, food and excursions. She revealed that planning early was key to spending effectively on her wedding.

“Why was it not important for me to spend 30K+???? Because I’m planning for my retirement… I won’t break my bank while I try to invest in my nest of eggs and my future. As a financial advisor myself, it’s important to me to be careful about where I put my money and what I get out of how I choose to spend it. Blowing 30k+ wouldn’t have been a good idea. Instead, I spent about $10,000 and invested the rest for my retirement and my bag of funds, which will allow me and my family to live life, even after retirement,” said said Stephany Dejesus.

“Making memories with my family is what I live for. I want to keep doing it, but I can’t neglect my future self. I will continue to take care of myself today without neglecting tomorrow. Work, save, travel, repeat.

Beyond marriage, Stephany hopes to do her part to put women on the right path to financial independence and stability through her financial workshop.

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For more information, visit Stephanie’s website.

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