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Chad Michaels with his wife Britney and their sons Connor and Garrett. Photo submitted by Chad Michaels

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Chad Michaels says his clients don’t have to stick to the TV to watch the stock market because they and the Spyrnal team have trusted him with their financial stability to make sure their income doesn’t stop, allowing them to enjoy retirement as they see fit. Michaels is a certified financial planner, which he says is equivalent to having a master’s degree in finance.

According to Michaels, being a CFP gives him a broad knowledge of his client’s financial situation, such as education planning, investments or the structure of the company.

“We have 401K plans and other plans for business owners, until retirement, and at the end of your life we ​​know what your inheritance will look like.” Michaels said.

A CFP is one of the strongest, if not the strongest designations to give you all aspects of financial planning, he said, adding that only one in eight financial advisers is on average a certified financial planner. You have to have five years of experience, he said, before you are allowed to take the test.

“They keep you on a higher level of ethics – fiduciary standard is a word widely used in our industry” Michaels said. “You can be a specialist in the field and not have a CFP, but to be honest this is something that I think is extremely necessary in helping clients. “

Michaels said he was a true trustee, knew he should be independent and didn’t see himself working in a ” Supermarket “, because of rigid guidelines. He came to the island and met George and Tim Spyrnal and started working in their office.

The Spyrnal Group works primarily with retirees, he said, but they have many younger clients who are saving money. 401K. Retirement, he said, can be scary for someone who’s used to earning a salary for 40 years and it becomes a whole different state of mind.

Spyrnal is currently active in 19 different states, although it is only marketed in Florida.

“We have built a great team” Michaels said. “We’ve done a lot of really good things for the people here on Pine Island. Above all, getting the CFP was really important to me from day one. We’re going to sit down and talk to anyone to see if it’s right for you. If I can help you, I will, and if I can’t, I’ll tell you where you need to go to get that help.



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