FDIC 2021 Financial Institution Diversity Self-Assessments Accepted Through June 30, 2022 | PC Weiner Brodsky Kider


The FDIC’s Office for Minority and Women’s Inclusion (OMWI) has announced that submissions for the 2021 reporting period for voluntary self-assessments of the diversity policies of institutions supervised by the FDIC are being accepted until 30 June 2022. Self-assessments are voluntary, but OMWI encourages organizations with 100 or more employees to participate.

The OMWI Financial Institutions Diversity Program assesses the diversity policies and practices of FDIC-supervised financial institutions in various areas, including (i) organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion; (ii) workforce profile and employment practices; (iii) supplier diversity and business practices; (iv) practices to promote transparency of organizational diversity and inclusion; and (v) self-assessment of entities. The FDIC says the results of the assessment have no impact on an institution’s safety and soundness, consumer compliance, or CRA review scores. The FDIC also says it treats all information gathered from self-assessments as confidential business information, and that requests for data or information will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

The Diversity Self-Assessment Form is accessible online through the secure FDIC connect portal.


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