Evening Presents: Meet Your 2022 Financial Planner


You don’t have to deal with life’s financial twists and turns alone. These local pros are trained to help you.

For many dreams and goals for you and your family, managing your finances is key to achieving them. And while managing your personal finances is ultimately your responsibility, you don’t have to do it alone. A qualified financial planner, such as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) license holder, can help you make the most of your resources, overcoming the obstacles that inevitably arise at every stage of life.

Our advice? Don’t skimp on the CFP designation. These three letters indicate that someone is qualified in financial planning and investing and provides an honest fiduciary benefit to their clients. Not all financial advisors can say that.

The Evening The team worked with the CFP board and internal research efforts to compile a list of financial planning firms in the city that have CFPs on staff. What you see here is this list to the best of our abilities. This list may not be exhaustive, although every effort has been made to ensure that it is.

In the profiles linked below, you will meet some of these companies and people through paid promotional content. Whether they choose to advertise in the magazine has no bearing on this list.

Ameriprise Financial Services Inc.
James Eric Ashburn
Brian Curry
Robin Gan
Russell Kelso
Lester Matlock
larry root
G.Stephen White

AnchorPoint Financial LLC
Ryan Boyd

Applied Capital LLC
Jacob Duke

Aptus Financial
Sarah Catherine Gutierrez
Xu Xu

Arkansas Financial Group Inc.
Rick Adkins
Kristina Bolhouse
Dr. Ralph Broadwater
Mary McCraw

Arvest Wealth Management
Ryan Cowell

Barry M. Corkern & Co. Inc.
Barry M. Corkern

Bass and Bell
Christopher Bell

Brown Capital Management
Johnny Brown

Carrus Financial Management
ryan carrus

ClientFirst Wealth Management
Edward Mahaffy

First Community Trust
Chelsea Shields

Conger Wealth Management
Cynthia Conger
Nick Heinrich
Abigail Hollar
Jon Lohr
Steve Osterink Jr.

Crews and associates
Al Deininger

CrossCurrent Wealth Management LLC
Roy Stephens

Edward Jones
Terry Cruce
Robert jackson
Kelly’s Journey
April Pollard
Joel Rice Jr.

Supervise financial partners
David Kopitke

Fiduciary wealth management
Rocklin Senavinin

Financial Decisions Inc.
Karron Salaries

Financial Wealth Management Inc.
John Kelley
John B. Robinson
Alvin Rogers

Gillis Financial Strategies
Mark “Greg” Gillis Jr.

Goldman Sachs Personal Finance Management
Eric Hutchinson
Timothy Long

Good Life Wealth Management LLC
Scott Stratton

Ifrah Financial Services Inc.
Stephen Desalvo
Frank Kelly
Micah Brown
Bobby Harris
John Kelly
Kyle Pitts
Doug Spencer

Ipsen Advisor Group
Loren “Marshall” Ipsen
Miles Johnson

IQONIC Wealth Management
Mac Barnes
Raymond Bertassi
Nathan Kinard

Landmark Financial LLC
Don Rodgers
Travis Teague

Legacy Capital Wealth Partners LLC
matt jones
Jean Sidery

LifeSmart Financial
William Woodyard Jr.

LPL Financial
Kim David Frink

MAY Capital Management LLC
Joshua Danforth

Meridian Investment Advisors
David “Jason” Fielke
Marshal Moon

Merrill Lynch – Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.
Emilie Bemberg
Melissa Bradley
Toby Burket
Ross Burnet
Larry Luck
Chris Dudley
John Engskov
James Kenny Gibbs
William Gorman
Trevor Holbert
Douglas Jackson
Michael Marquez
Douglas Menz
Justin Mitchell
Pledge Monk III
Sylas Robinson
Hatim Smouni
Chris Vincent
Kimberly Williams

MML Investors Services LLC
Brandon Grable

Morgan Stanley
Jason Chako
Joe Locke
Scott McLeod

Wealth Naviter
Jordan Bauer
John Kornet

Northington Investment Group
Stephen Northington

North West Mutual
Todd Boswell
Taylor Hart

Pinnacle Consulting
Victor Werley

Platinum Portfolio Investments LLC
Eric Miller

Prime Capital Investment Advisors
Jason Gerber

Raymond James and associates
Michel Kepeske

Bank of Regions
Daniel Blair
Christopher Ritchie

Dale Colclasure

Rownd Asset Management
W. Ed Rownd

Simmons Investment Services
Chad Carlson
Nathan Green
Lisa Rabin

Simmons Trust Department
Jim Shenep

Small & Associates Financial
Ryan Barthelemy

Capital of sound
William Hoofman

Sowell Management
Thomas Knight

Stephens Inc.
Philip Butterfield
Cory Grumer
Richard Leper
James Mitchell
Briant Noland

thriving financial
Hector Felix
John Knoernschild

Transitions Wealth Management
Andrew Crone
Jacques Martin
Eric Miller

UBS Financial Services
Derek Cisne
David Gutierrez
Jeremy McDade
Hardy Winburn

Wells Fargo Advisors
Sydney Gilbert
Morgan Keyes
William Lloyd
Roger O’Quin
Debra Piercy

Why a CFP?

CFP practitioners are licensed and regulated by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. Under their CFP license, granted by the board, CFP professionals are held accountable to the board’s code of ethics for their financial planning.

Most CFP professionals are dedicated to using the financial planning process to meet the financial needs of individuals, families, and businesses. All CFP professionals earn at least a four-year university degree and have completed a board-approved financial planning curriculum. All CFPs are also required to have 30 hours of continuing education credit every two years, of which at least two hours are an approved ethics course.

Learn the lingo

Call for proposals Certified Financial Planner
PCA Accountant
PSF Personal finance specialist
FIA Accredited investment trustee
CLU Licensed life insurer
ChFC Chartered Financial Consultant
MBA Master in Business Administration

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