ARGO Accumulator Strengthens Relationships Between Financial Institutions and Customers Through Digital Personal Financial Planning


RICHARDSON, Texas – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – ARGO, the leading provider of high value technology and analytical science software for the financial services and healthcare industries, announced the availability of ARGO Accumulator, a digital financial planning solution that enables banks and credit unions to provide their customers and members with access to an interactive, goal-centric approach to personal financial planning.

According to 2018 Financial Innovation Center survey, 81 percent of Americans experience significant financial stress, with 78 percent wanting help with their personal financial management. With Gen X and Millennials on the verge of inheriting $ 68 trillion over the next 30 years (as predicted by Business intern), and almost 76% of millennials In the absence of financial literacy, institutions have the opportunity to play a key role in improving the overall financial well-being of consumers.

“Seventy-five percent of consumers want to be able to build a roadmap for setting and achieving their personal financial goals,” said Todd Robertson, senior vice president, ARGO. “Accumulator allows users to create personalized goals and define the best way to achieve them. Showing users how they spend against national averages communicates a sense of what is normal and allows them to compare how they spend to the habits of their peers.

Institutions can deliver ARGO cost-effectively Accumulator to consumers digitally, providing automated decision functionality to guide them through the process. The solution uses data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) for expense comparisons and the Federal Reserve Bulletin (FRB) to compare income data. Social influences such as peer comparisons provide meaningful methods for encouraging changes in behavior for goal achievement.

Based on needs Accumulator supports a customer focus rather than a product centric view. Fully integrated omnichannel accessibility enables seamless staff support, building trust and customer value over an extended period of time. “Accumulator provides the banker with full transparency on the consumer’s financial goals, self-reported data, calculations, cash flow, net worth and a Customer Lifetime Value Index (CVI) used to determine the need for additional products and services that are relevant to a client, “Robertson continued.” Additionally, the solution identifies potential leads and referrals, assigns them to the appropriate bankers or specialists for follow-up, and tracks their progress. ”

Strengthening customer relationships by meeting needs through a digital personal financial planner, ARGO Accumulator offers financial institutions tangible differentiation in the market, bringing considerable strength to the consideration, acquisition, conversion and retention stages of the customer journey.

About ARGO

Founded in 1980, ARGO develops, installs and supports high value technological and analytical science software for the financial services and healthcare industries. ARGO currently works with nearly 300 bank clients across all financial services industries, including six of the top 10 banks and non-bank financial service lenders, and provides solutions for cutting-edge healthcare information exchange and major health care providers. For more information visit or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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