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IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / Aug 3, 2021 / A financial advisor should help you choose more than winners in the stock and bond markets. A financial advisor should help you develop a comprehensive financial plan.

When developing a financial plan, there should be a varying level of diversification depending on the age, outlook and goals of the investors. A diversified investment portfolio with several branches brings a higher level of security to a portfolio. This concept became painfully clear to people who put all of their money in one basket and saw a stock market crash, a real estate crash, or invested only with a Bernie Madoff who, in fact, offered returns that were too good to be true.

In addition to having multiple legs, many people who seek diversification also frequently have more than one financial advisor. Having more than one advisor should help provide not only a variety of perspectives, but a variety of abilities as well. By having multiple financial advisors, it must be recognized that not all financial advisers have the same capabilities, license requirements or access to products.

Advisors who can use a variety of tax advantage strategies or investment vehicles can help investors better protect the valuable parts of their nest egg. In addition, not all advisors have access to the same funds or investments. Investment vehicles that are normally only offered to a select group of investors that provide stable and secure income streams for life in retirement are a must for any savvy investor. What most people don’t know is that some financial products are not available or accessible to most financial advisors. Our group is trying to meet this market need.

Like any good investment portfolio is multi-faceted, savvy investors know that real estate, stocks and bonds, lifetime income security plans, and even protection against declining investor health through insurance (like medical problems and things like long-term care can bankrupt a retirement portfolio if the retiree becomes ill or becomes disabled). As people live longer and more and more people need long-term care, guarantees can now be incorporated into many retirement packages for the investor and their spouse to protect their nest egg.

In the past, many companies looked after their retired workers with regard to both health and pension plans. For most people today, although this is no longer available. As a result, people need to better prepare for their own financial future. Especially now that many workers have multiple jobs or gig jobs that don’t offer things like a 401k, or are independent contractors and usually need to set up their own savings plan. Due to this new reality, there is a huge need for structured retirement planning as people need a long term savings plan beyond day trading or researching stocks and bonds. looking for winners, because few can “beat the streets”.

Too many of these people simply aren’t saving enough for their retirement, or their retirement is seriously underfunded and they don’t know it. Many people who have 401k think they have enough money, only to find that their retirement accounts are taxed, and many more fear that they will run out of money.

Many savers today also fall into the trap of thinking that people’s retirement coverage is what social security is for. Unfortunately, for the most part, this is far from true.

Since its creation, Social Security was supposed to provide them with A stable and secure component of a PORTION of their retirement. For many, Social Security payments might only represent 20-40% of their retirement income, as Social Security was only meant to represent a portion of the income of those in retirement.

Because of this reality, people need additional income or more secure sources of income to have enough money in retirement. This has raised concerns for many investors, because with the huge debt and government deficits, and the growing number of people eligible for benefits, many people are worried about whether Social Security will even be solvent when they take it. their retirement when it is their turn to collect from a system. they have contributed to it for a long time.

The best plans start early.

As with all savings plans, the earlier you start, the better off you are, as the anticipated savings become substantial over time due to the cumulative effect of the money. If the money doubles every 7-10 years, imagine the difference if you start saving at 23 versus 33, or for that matter at 23 versus 50.

As you get older, rebalance your portfolio to lock in the gains.

To protect against market downturns, people need to review their portfolios with their advisors to become more defensive as they approach retirement, as well as after retirement. No one wants to run out of money in retirement or outlive their money.

We believe that there is a huge group of people who are not sufficiently prepared for retirement, who many estimate to be well above 70-75%, and over the 25% who could have prepared themselves to have enough. money for retirement, most might not have any asset balance or diversification in the event of a significant market downturn during retirement.

What we do.

We offer assistance to people looking for more security in their portfolios to renew part of their 401k to balance their portfolios, with tax strategies to protect their savings and indexed strategies that protect against market downturns. We are also considering for many income strategies for life, disability or catastrophic illness protection to help protect their nest egg so they don’t have to worry so much about running out of money in retirement.

Our group is focused on many of these aspects and is expanding rapidly from our original base here in Southern California to the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest, with a recent attention to places of culture like Florida and Texas.

We also try to stay ahead of things that could affect financial markets in the future, like potential tax changes, potential changes to the SWIFT banking system, and we are even going until members of the our group keeps abreast of things that might affect economic thinking and outlook in the future by examining concepts like NESARA or a quantum financial system. We want to be prepared for anything that could possibly affect our investors, as we were well prepared for the COVID crash in early 2020.

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