4 accused of theft of millions from a local financial institution


Four of the five people arrested on JTuesday, in connection with the theft of just under 50 million dollars from a local financial institution, were billed.

They are 48 years old Sophia Dobson and 28 years old Racquittal Morrison, both of caladium crescent, KKingston 11; as well as 23 years JAhsean Browed from Pin wood VSyoung and 25-year-old warehouse manager Everald Mkenzie from OAltham Avenue.

A statement from the Financial Investigations Division indicates that the 2 men and 2 women are charged with: engaging in a transaction involving criminal property; facilitating a transaction involving criminal property; simple larceny; unauthorized access to computer data; and, conspiracy to defraud.

The fifth defendant has not yet been charged as the suspect is still in custody awaiting a lawyer.

The 5 were arrested during a targeted operation carried out in the field of the company, by members of the division of financial investigations, the financial unit of the gendarmerie, the branch of investigations on the fight against terrorism and organized crime and the st. South Andrew Police Division.

The DIF said these 5 people detained on Tuesdaybring to 8 the total number of people charged with involvement in cybercrime.

3 others were arrested and charged last month, and are now in court.

They are 35-year-old cashiers Stashanie Smix of Sarah Stree, kingston 4; 42 years old KOh Hibert from Myrie Avenue, Kinstant; and 25 years old Jimera Ohype of SSpanish Jown Ra load, Kingston 11.

Reports are that in March a report was made by the local financial institution regarding unauthorized access to computer data and simple theft.

It is alleged that in FFebruary, several transfers were executed on a customeraccount, without his knowledge, and that on $46 million was sent the accounts of people living in the st. South Andrew Police Division.

Evidence indicates the victim’s account was hacked allegedly by fraudsters, who may have changed some security credentials, and dumped the account over a period of 10 days.


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